• Our Mission

    The Harrisburg Police Athletic League’s Mission is first and foremost an alternative crime prevention organization that uses educational, athletic and recreational activities to bring the community, police officers and youth together.

    Our Vision

    To build trust and enhance relationships between law enforcement and residents especially the youth in the neighborhoods they share in order to prevent crime and improve community safety.

    Relationships will be created through traits of honor, integrity, courtesy, and respect.

    PAL is positioned in the City of Harrisburg as an proven alternative crime prevention organization designed to provide advocates and pals for local children.

    Instead of traditional methods of crime prevention through enforcement, the Harrisburg PAL seeks to get youth on their “side” and foster good behavior through positive relationships with the local police.


  • Consultants and Agents of Harrisburg PAL
    • James Jones – Programs (Athletic/Activities) Director -Strategic Planning
    • Angela Bates – Positive Images(Heart to Heart) Lead Facilitator
    • Anbria Bates – Administrative Assistant/Marketing and programs development
  •  Mentors, Volunteers, and Coaches
    • Positive Images (Heart to Heart): Staff Angela Bates & Lillian Bates
    •  Pony Baseball: Coaches Jamar Bullett & Mike Green
    •  Little League Baseball: Coaches Kyle Evans & Al Chambers
    •  Basketball: Coach Abe Reese
    •  Wrestling: Coach Dee Evans

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